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Himalayan salt blocksAll of our stunning, translucent Himalayan salt blocks are the finest quality salt blocks available. Unsurpassed in their elegance, architectural integrity as well as purity Himalita – the Authentic Himalayan Salt offers the strongest level of support, ensuring you receive ideal results, have the most fun, benefit and enjoyment out of your product. Our salt cooking blocks are usually heavier and also sturdier compared with almost any other blocks on the market. The outcome of considerable examining, testing, and… naturally, eating.

Our genuine Himalayan salt blocks are mined and carved solely from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan.

Himalayan salt blocks, plates, platters, and rocks are each unique, and could be admired both as an all-natural artwork and also as a tool to cook with and display food. Serve thinly sliced apples and Mozzarella above an awesome salt brick and experience just how the dainty saltiness is infused into the tart apple and also creamy cheese. Or heat the salt block on the stove-top and sear thin strips of flatiron steak (right) or medallions of Kobe beef!

Himalayan Salt Products

Look at our guide on how to use Himalayan salt blocks for more ideas and usage instructions.

Himalita provide the finest quality salt cooking blocks in the market almost everywhere. Our larger flat bricks and serving platters are unquestionably denser in comparison to common blocks, both for extra durability along with a greater physical appeal. Himalita features about 15 shapes and sizes of Himalayan pink rock salt and most come in three distinct grades:

Cookware grade Himalayan salt blocks are selected not just for their awesome natural beauty, but also for their structural consistency, and relative lack of any flaw from the stonemasons who craft them. We support heating our cookware grade blocks for use at high temperatures.

Tableware grade Himalayan salt blocks are selected with natural charm in mind. Most of them can include common irregularities that enhance their beauty, and are the best choice when looking for salt blocks for serving purposes or any other culinary application where heating does not go beyond 110 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius).

Architectural quality salt blocks are particularly designed for construction applications such as decorative elements in interior design like dividers and walls made of Himalayan salt bricks, or shelves made with Himalayan salt tiles. They’re also ideal for waiting rooms in spas.

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